Honest Advice About HAIR Gels & Waxes – 5 Hair Product Side Effects

I’m gonna tell you all scientific facts and I’m gonna tell you all things that people are afraid about talking about online I do believe that as a blogger I will be putting my own business at risk because of this particular topic I’ll be kind of shooing away some of these hair product industry people because a lot of the things that I’m going to say those people don’t want you to know those things but what’s more important to me is that I provide real value to you all you guys have made me who I am today and I’m only going to put out the truth on my channel and that’s why we’re talking about the five shocking facts of hair products all the side effects and all the effects that they have on your hair and your scalp let’s go

#1 shocking truth no.1

what about the hair product industry is that they want you to believe that you can use hair product every single day and that it’s safe to use look my bro’s you gotta understand that your hair is dead it doesn’t have life but it’s still connected to your scalp it’s connected to your body and it still grows it’s got its own natural moisture and natural oils every time you apply hair product and then you wash it off you’re getting rid of all that goodness so in the long term it can ruin the quality of your hair and keep in mind that I personally also use hair product but only when I go for very important parties like very important corporate events or if it’s a New Year’s party or if it’s a birthday party something very important once or twice a month you can use it no problem but don’t use it every single day

#2 shocking truth no.2

hair products directly affects the quality of your hair primarily because of alcohol when you see the ingredients of any hair products almost always you’ll find alcohol now alcohol is added to creams to make them softer so that they spread more evenly but the effect of alcohol on your hair is that it dries out your head lip said of all its moisture so every time you’ve used a bit of hair product on your hair you’ll see that for the following one or two days your hair is very rough it’s a little bit dry and very importantly it becomes a little brittle means glass-like so normally where your hair is slightly bendable where it’s healthy and full of life when your hair is brittle because of all that hair product usage it makes it more breakable it makes it more glass-like that’s how in the long term hair product usage can also cause a little bit of hair fall and what you also got to keep in mind is that most guys who start using a little bit of hair product what ends up happening is that one or two days after they’ve used hair product the hair ends up looking pretty rubbish because it becomes dry looking it looks unhealthy and then they go in for more hair product to get that same nice clean look with their product that’s why using products for a function once in a while is okay but you need to give your hair some time to recover from it don’t get into a habit of using chlorella because then it becomes a case of irate dry or it basically becomes a cycle of using hair product it becomes dry and then you go in for more just to make it look better but in the long term you are making a dryer you’re killing of the life of your hair it brings us to

#3 shocking truth no.3

you have to understand how a strand of hair is built it’s just like a tree so the main body of the hair is like the tree but the root of the tree is what we call the hair follicle which is present in your scalp that’s the skin on your head that’s like the soil for the tree now you’ve got to keep in mind that all the hair growth happens through the follicle so you’ve really got to care about follicle health as well as scalp health and the WIPP product usage goes wrong is that people end up using crow log and then a bit of it always trickles down to your scalp that means it falls on your scalp and ends up blocking the pores of your skin now hair product companies will tell you that bro scalp per kilogram in a bowl on a Balfour log on a ball-ball yes that’s true when you’re applying product you’re only supposed to apply to the body of your hair but every once which we live in in there it’s a hot climate that sweat is gonna takes all that hair product and make it trickle down to your scalp and that affects your scalps health in the long term you know how we say that put oil on your scalp for nourishment it’s like you’re putting fertilizer in the soil so that your crop grows better similarly if you’re putting hey bro on your hair it’s just like putting a little bit of pesticide on your soil it does have its own benefits they’re gonna make you look better but in the long term its spoiling the quality of your soil it’s spoiling the quality of your scan

#4 shocking truth no.4

the cheaper your product is the worse it is for your hair this is something you need to know when we’re talking about fashion or clothing I always say that shop smart save money but with grooming products you shouldn’t really look to save money because it’s something you’re applying on your hair and your skin take this piece of advice from your buddy never ever spend less than 500 rupees on a hair products if you don’t end up using it everyday then it’ll even last you for very long but if any hair poor outcomes for under 500 rupees it’s probably a cheap product and it will damage your hair in the long term

#5 shocking truth no.5

something that hair product and grooming companies don’t really want you to know is that you can look absolutely fantastic without any product if you’re someone who’s got slightly curly or wavy hair like mine keep it short if it’s short it is always look need if you’re someone who’s got straight soft hair you don’t need product in the first place it already looks fantastic it already looks neat and tidy focus on looking neat and tidy keep your hair short don’t over rely on putting a chemical in your hair to make it look good yes hair products can elevate your look slightly but you know what can elevate your look even more natural sciences learn what’s good for your hair what ruins your hair in the long term always focus on the long term game

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