How To Make New Friends | 9 New Friend Finding Tips

friendship it’s not about whom you’ve known the longest it’s about who came and never left your side that is one of my favorite friendship quotes because of how insightful and true it is so lately I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching really just analyzing sort of Who I am where I am and where I want to go but part of that is actually taking inventory of the people in my life that I consider friends I’m talking like true friends not acquaintances we all have a ton of people that we know but true friends they’re people you could probably count on one hand alright so when you’re a kid right who are your friends exactly people that you go to school with right you’re playing on the playground maybe they live up the street from you you are friends by proxy people that are around you or in your immediate area and as you grow as you mature you become closer with certain people certain people you share more common things with right other people you were great friends in the earlier years like third grade by seventh grade you have no idea what ever happened to what’s-his-face who smelled like Bologna but something happens when you graduate high school there is a fork in the road now some people stay in the same area and maintain friendships lifelong friendships with some of the people they grew up with right other people move away right and they still may keep in touch with the people that they grow up with and that they were friends with but they’re faced with the dilemma and that dilemma is I got no friends where I am right now we need to find new friends because we are social creatures and derive a lot of our value and a lot of our happiness through the interpersonal relationships that we have and develop but now the question is how the heck do you make new friends hi hi my name is abc and I like kittens the color red and making long-winded do you want to be my friend yeah doesn’t work as well now as it did when you were kids on the playground and so today I’d like to go over some friend findin tips to help you find more friends tip

#1 spend time around people

this is like whoa mind blowing stuff right but the deal is if you’re isolating yourself if you’re sitting on your couch playing video games you’re never gonna make new friends you need to get out and be social right maybe being social means going to a sporting event maybe it means going to a coffee shop maybe it means going and hanging out in a bar but the fact is in order to make new friends you need to be around potential friends

#2 join a club group or organization

join a club group or organization of something that you enjoy doing all right the idea here is that you’re going to go out you’re going to be doing something social that you like you’re going to be meeting people that also enjoy the things that you like and so it just kind of makes sense when you think about it at a basic level that if there are a bunch of people around you that all like basket weaving guess what friendships are gonna bloom and cool baskets

#3 volunteer

do something good for the community that you’re not getting paid for what you’re gonna find is that a lot of the people that you’re working with you’re gonna develop a bond a camaraderie because you’re working towards a goal not because you’re getting paid because it’s something good to do and the people that you meet are going to have similar values

#4 start conversations first

when you’re out and about you’re around people start conversations talk to everybody now the majority people you’re gonna talk to it’s gonna be like yo you can’t wait to leave because the conversations are gonna be DOA dead on arrival but once in a while you’re gonna strike up a conversation with somebody that’s actually going to stick and you’re gonna find that this conversation leads to more conversations ie a friend

#5 make small talk

small talk I hate small talk guys small talk is a critical component of developing new friendships you got to be able to do it all right so you’re out being social around people talking to them chatting them up right well

#6 reintroduce yourself

incredibly important and that is reintroduce yourself at the end of a conversation my name again is Erin what was yours because this is a way to try and get that name to stick to basically reiterate and to drive at home who you are and get their name once again then it’s really important to try and remember that name if you hope to see them again and actually develop a friendship because you can only ask somebody their name so many times before it’s rude a trick that I use in order to remember names is when somebody tells me their name I will think of somebody else I know with that name and picture them so whenever I see this person I picture this person and I remember their name does that make sense

#7 accept every invitation

when people offered and what you found is that you had the best year of her life by the end of it you had some friends that you loved that were incredible that you never would have met if you stayed isolated and didn’t say yes gentlemen accept invitations say yes kind of makes sense

#8 ask other people to do things

you got to be willing to push yourself a little bit outside of your comfort zone if you’re a shy person and a lot of times people that are lacking and friends they do suffer from a degree of shyness or a little bit of social anxiety you got to be uncomfortable you got to be willing to be uncomfortable I should say all right you got to push the boundaries asking other people to do things maybe it’s lunch maybe it’s coffee maybe it’s a drink maybe it’s go see a concert either way you’ve got to ask if you never ask you’ll never get anyone to say yes okay nice work you’ve successfully implemented steps 1 through 8 you’ve got good friend prospects

#9 once you have them as a friend keep them as a friend

the way that you do that is by being a good friend what does that mean it’s simple be a good listener be loyal be trustworthy be reliable be yourself you don’t need to change for anybody you’re beautiful perfect and special just the way that you are guys good friends quality friends they’re not the easier they’re not like under every rock right you’re not it’s not like an Easter egg hunt unfortunately it’s not he can’t put an ad on Craigslist because you get some weird-ass dudes showing up being like I wanna be your friend no finding new friends is not easy but it is possible but the only way that it’s possible is if you’re willing to be uncomfortable and put yourself out there you need to set yourself up for success both in life but also in friendship as well if you’re expecting your friend your new best friend to deliver your pizza that’s what you’re going to be going through a lot of pizza and probably gain a lot of weight this is probably not gonna happen but it could you never know talk him up chat him up you got to put yourself out there hopefully these nine tips will help you in your search and quest for your new best friend

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